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Weight Loss

The exercise helps weight loss
The exercise always helps your body get used to the movement and activities, each day you will help yourself movement became more active and healthy. Every day, you should spend about 15 minutes to perform the action and hit the belly bend waist, intentional weight loss abdominal area. This exercise helps you slimmer waist, your waistline will get smaller. But you need to be patient for a certain time to be able to offer high efficiency.
Exercise leaning against wall
Not everyone is familiar with this practice. Squat with your back against the wall, feet close together, thighs parallel to the floor and hands on hips, buttocks hold status and contact with the wall back when you lift your left knee toward chest. Then you repeat the action, the remaining foot to convert buttocks and thigh fat is the maximum excess body.
Balance exercises
You stand a foot centered, left foot slightly outward. You deep squat, then you slowly straighten and raise the left leg back and keep lower chest forward until the body parallel to the floor, straighten your arms move forward .. Last this episode has slimming effect on the hips, back, abdominal muscles and parts especially effective portion thighs. Vomiting is not too common exercises that transport capacity loss weight loss like this you will maintain effective lyen set with original body and create better health.