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Principles of good health while improving food
All habits are two sides of it, if you know how and with the principle of reasonable diet that will help you better health and healthier.
You should not eat and do not move: Eating in travel will not allow the body to absorb nutrients properly. It is also harmful to the digestive tract. However, eating while standing is said to be very good.
In particular, avoid eating the food in the fridge / Microwave: Frozen food is really good. But you should not store food in the fridge day after day because it will take all the nutrients and flavor. Check the expiry date of the food in the refrigerator. Check that food odor or color changes or not before using. You also should not eat processed through the microwave because they are not good, one of the food producing bacteria are bad for your health.
Need to eat right now: Eating time can make you consume more calories. So, according to nutrition experts, do not delay your meal within 30 minutes. Eat 5-6 small meals per day and try to plan to eat at least 85% of these nutrients in order to make sure that you get the full complement of fats, proteins and carbs.
Also, you should add the following rules in mind:
Eat fruit for breakfast, fruit for sugar will give you energy to continue to operate throughout the day. Avoid eating snacks or fast food because they contain unhealthy fats.