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Body Language Secrets

And long Pinocchio nose
The story of Pinocchio can actually use to humans . Whenever Pinocchio lied , his nose will be longer. The normal nose but not the nose long will they denounce as lies. Some liars will unconsciously touched or scratched his nose as a gesture of reassurance . When lying, blood vessels in the nose to swell , causing more red or swollen nose ( you do not see this ) but this mechanism will promote the production of histamine and brain that makes people feel itchy nose . Brushing along the nose can mean refuse consent . The light on the nose structure can be understood as that person is evaluating the incident , according to negative and quite frustrating situation . However, the nose gently press down may just be a habit of other people when they want to think more deeply .
The eyes lie

You know , actually as a lie , the more people look at you a lot to prove that they 're telling the truth ? We all think that when a person looks straight and exchanged looks with his face means that they are telling the truth . In fact proven liar will keep " honest eyes " to us more than the average person because they think it is an act to cover up a lie . Like a man who will not try to attract attention to what they are hiding it. " True Eyes " is one of the tricks to distract effectively . Therefore , based on the eye to think that they are completely honest ... hard to believe for any adult can also assume this action . Next time if he or she look at you and say , "Believe your eyes / I " go offline , think again .