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Beauty skin without Cosmetics
You should not eat food containing artificial additives, this is not good for your health and your skin.
Healthy body must maintain normal reflection properties to easily excreted out of the black pigment. These foods contain too many artificial additives will increase the burden on your body and your skin, causing dark pigment settles down, hardly excreted, this causes spots darken, or freckled skin.
Avoid the use of hormonal drugs or saccharine when the sun, such as sun tan skin more.
After exposure to ultraviolet light, these ingredients will cause increased melanin in the skin quickly, leaving skin smoother and less bright sequelae caused not good for the skin.
Avoid facial with lemon, celery or cucumbers before the sun, because it is easy to catch the sun and herbs for vegetables contain some ingredients that could easily sink melanin when exposed with the sun.