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How to have whitening skin

The effective way of whitening and home safety which can be found at skin whitening forever program.
With a pink and white skin and slim body shape is the dream of women . But with treadmill work , agents from the current environment to keep skin white to pink , then you know skin care , skin whitening knows how to effectively and safely .
Many people think that it takes a lot of money to own skin as desired . But in reality , there are many simple tricks that you did not expect , here is the fastest way your skin whitening can be done at home without losing too much cost . You refer okay !
How to whiten skin with rice water
Rice water will be used to make skin whiter and smoother because it contains minerals such as iron , copper and vitamin B5 . You can take care with rice water in the following way :
Put rice water , then pour water over your head away . Then wash the rice again , using a clean bucket containing the water .
Let the water settle down , took part opaque white mixed with warm water .
Use this water for washing and bathing , lightly massage the whole body for about 15 minutes .
Wash thoroughly with water . This will bring efficiency to your skin . All these things should checked by natural beauty products.
How to whiten skin with yogurt
Yogurt contains a high content of vitamin A , vitamin B1 , B2 , vitamin E ... yoghurt can prevent oxidation , anti- chemical dry and swollen , rough . So the yogurt is considered perfectly good materials that can help us take care of your body overall .
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