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Waist abdomen exercise for weight loss

Simple Exercises abdominal muscles
Action of 1 : First lie on your back on the floor with his hands folded behind his neck liner and straighten the legs . At the same time lifting his head up off the floor and raise his legs form a right angle to the body , feet outstretched , looking towards the toes . Then , slowly dropping over half a right angle with the body and hold it for a few seconds and then slowly raise the legs up again . 6 Perform actions per turn . Volumes 1-2 turns , each turn off after a few seconds . These tips can be found at muscle maximizer.

Action of 2 : Located on the floor on his stomach , arms and legs outstretched , palms facing up on . Slowly tummy tucks , upper torso raised up high , looking down on the floor . Hold for a few seconds and then slowly lowered . Perform 6-10 times . This can be done from venus factor program.
 Action of 3 : Still lying on his stomach but arms stretched above the head , palms face down on the floor . Pull your tummy , lift your leg up, keeping the knee straight . Performed from 6 - l0 times .
If you do not exercise regularly swim , you will never reduce belly fat quickly . One of the best ways to lose belly fat is swimming. Capacity of water will maintain a slight positive impact good to muscles and joints , and this is also a cardiovascular exercise . If you know how to swim , let's apply this sport to bring immediate difference to his abdomen .
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