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Some hair care tips
The ancients had very good question: "Most second appearance of skin, hair Tuesday", indeed, hair is an important part of creating the beauty of a woman. But, unfortunately the products and styling tools you use every day to adversely affect the health of hair, damaged hair and no make nice. Therefore, to maintain the hair may be inherent beauty, you need to take care carefully and limit the effects of harmful chemicals, making damaged hair.
Proper hair brush
Every time you comb or hair tufts are doing damage to your hair, so you need to brush the hair properly by combing the hair from the root down harshly. In particular, you should brush your hair when wet to avoid too much loss, affecting hair. In addition, you also need to choose the appropriate strategy for each type of hair.
Do not force your hair with a rubberband
This restriction is necessary. Use elastic hair band is not a good choice for a healthy hair. So you should minimize this. So more and more beautiful hair.
Provide adequate vitamin
The hair should also be provided with the necessary nutrients such as skin or body, so it helps your new beautiful children. So, you can use hair care products, medicines and vitamin supplements to change the diet if hair is damaged signs.
Massage the scalp
To promote the growth of hair, massage your scalp regularly. Using fingers gently massage the scalp to stimulate blood circulation and hair root development. Just so that you only see your hair more beautiful 1st.